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The LIFE-Project "Living brooks in the Eifel"

brook lampreys

In the western Eifel on the Belgian frontier, numerous highland brooks have their sources. Naturally, they are extremely poor in nutrients (oligotrophic). The valleys house a unique, partly specialised fauna and flora. Threatened animal species like black stork, brook lamprey and pearl mussel find suitable refuges. Next to near natural forests like alder-ash tree swamp forests and softwood riparian forests, there are e.g. species-rich spignel meadows (Meum athamanticum). Also in the Eifel, those valuable habitats are threatened or have already disappeared.

The Biological Stations in the districts of Euskirchen and Aachen have it made their objective to restore the habitat "oligotrophic highland brook" in the upper valleys of Perlenbach, Rur and Kyll. This takes place within the scope of the LIFE-Project "Living brooks in the Eifel". Within five years, about 50 km of brooks shall be revitalized, which demands numerous measures.

Period: October 2003 to October 2008