Information about LIFE and NATURA 2000

Information of the European Commission with short presentations of the LIFE projects

Natura 2000
Information of the European Commission about the European reserve network (English)
Information about the FFH and bird reserves reported from North Rhine-Westphalia

LIFE Projects in North Rhine-Westphalia

Regeneration of the "Great Peat-bog",
Nabu Minden-Lübbecke

Lippe Floodplain
City of Hamm

Medebacher Bucht- components for Natura 2000,
Biological Station of the Hochsauerland district

Optimization of the pSCI Ahsewiesen,
NABU Soest (registered association)

Optimization of the bird reserve Lowlands of Düsterdiek,
Biological Station in the district of Steinfurt (registered association)

Optimization of the bird reserve "Bogs and heath lands of the western Munsterland"
Biological Station Zwillbrock

Other LIFE Project

Life Moule Perlière
Life Moule Perlière

Information about the "Directive establishing a framework for Community action in the field of water policy"

European directive water policy

GRÜNE LIGA (registered association), German water contact bureau

Working group water of the lands (LAWA)


Land bureau of the nature conservation organisations of North Rhine-Westphalia